40 West Crescentville Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
ph 513-618-0310

HWZ, LLC. can procure replacement parts for all of the Mason-Flo-Mixers and Feeders that have been produced since 1956. We maintain a file on each machine with the original build specifications. Critical original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are kept in stock at our plant. When ordering parts, please use our six digit part number, if available.

Our trained technicians are available to service your Mason-Flo-Mixer and Feeder either at your shop or our facility. HWZ offers the following services:

  • Reconditioning Mason-Flo-Mixers and Feeders 
  • Reconditioning Progressive Cavity Pumps
  • Troubleshooting and repair of equipment
  • Training personnel on operation and maintenance of equipment
  • New product and process testing
  • Trial equipment for lab or production evaluation


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