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Automated Filling Machines: The Mason-Flo-Mixer can be combined with an automatic filling system for applications that require precise, fixed volume slurry dispensing.

Bulk Bag Dispenser: HWZ can build a frame to hold and dispense dry powder from bulk bags into a Mixer or Feeder.

Chiller: A system to deliver a continuous flow of chilled water to the Mixer can be used to slow the set time of plaster and cement.

Conveyor: A conveyor can be combined with an automatic filling system to provide automated production.

Dust Control: A vacuum system to collect dust can be installed on a Mason-Flo-Mixer or Feeder to ensure a clean operating environment.

Foam Generator: A pregenerated foam generator can be attached to a Mixer to produce low density, cellular cement and plaster products.

Homogenizer: This device is used in combination with a Mason-Flo-Mixer to enhance the foaming agent in specialty metal casting plaster to create a slurry that has a uniform fine-celled structure.

In-Line Mixer: A static in-line mixer can be added to the slurry hose to increase the mixing action on “low energy” mixers.

Programmable Logic Control (PLC): This electronic device can be installed on a mixer to automate the slurry production and washout process.

Set Time Control Unit: This metering pump will deliver a continuous solution of retarding agent to the mixer to slow the set time of the slurry. This unit can also be used to deliver accelerator, foaming agent, liquid dyes or other chemical additives.

Slurry Hose: A hose with an attached pouring pitcher is provided for manual control of mold filling at remote locations. The length and diameter of the hose will be determined by the slurry output required as well as the layout of the mold shop.

Three-Way Toggle Switch: This switch provides for quick changes of “recipes” before, after or during slurry production.

Water Temperature Control Valve: A hot/cold water blending valve can be utilized to deliver metered water at a constant temperature to ensure a controlled set time of the slurry.


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