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Low Density Cellular Concrete (LDCC) is a unique cementitious material that can be engineered to achieve dry density ranges from 18 to 120 pcf and respective compressive strengths from 20 to 3400 psi. Substituting low cost cellular foam produced by the ADVANTAGE Foam Generator for all or part of commonly used aggregates will result in reduced material costs on all of your engineered fill applications.

Unlike conventional fill materials, cellular concrete is fluid and conforms to irregular surfaces. Since LDCC is a lighter material, it can be pumped further and higher with lower pressures. By using the ADVANTAGE Foam Generator, you'll get predictable and verifiable mix results batch after batch.
Engineered fills using LDCC technology have been highly successful in many applications including:                        

  • Load reduction over underground structures
  • Pipeline annular fill grouting (new and rehab)
  • Precast panels
  • Roof decks and floors
  • Sealing abandoned mines, silos and pipelines
  • Sub-surface stabilization for highways

New applications are being continually developed to replace conventional structural fill materials.


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